We have the BEST clients, and we're glad they like us, too!


"Megan Close Zavala is the only editor I would trust with my writing.  She has a way of seeing issues (and solutions) that no one else can.  You'd be lucky to work with her."

Janet L., Author


"I was skeptical about working with a book coach, but Megan won me over from our very first call together.  Her enthusiasm and dedication is infectious.  She boosted my confidence in myself and my writing so much."

Deborah K., Author


"Hiring Turn the Page Book Coaching and Editorial for editing services is easy and the level of work is dependably excellent.  I'd recommend them to anybody."

Pam T., Author


"Turn the Page is the place to go for your editing needs, period."

Sally A., Author


"I recently published my first book, and couldn't have done it without Megan."

Simon J., Author


"Quite simply, Megan and Turn the Page are the best."

Arthur M., Author


"I wish I had found Megan so much earlier in my writing career!"

Doug Z., Author


"After working with Megan on so many projects, I consider her a friend.  I have recommended her to so many friends and colleagues and they all been very happy, too!"

Claire D., Author