I can't wait to partner with you to polish your book into something that will wow agents, editors, and readers (especially readers)!  


No matter where you arE in your writing journey, i can help!  schedule a complimentary consultation call to learn more.


Coaching Services

Power Coaching Call: One 60-minute phone or Skype session with me, during which we will discuss any concerns you have regarding your book project and any suggestions for improvements that I have.  Prior to our call, you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out so that we can make sure the session is as beneficial as possible for you!  You will also be asked to send up to 50 pages of content before the call, on which I will review and offer feedback. Additionally, you will have unlimited e-mail access to me for two weeks following our call.

Private Monthly Coaching: Two 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions per month via phone or Skype.  I will review up to 30 pages of new or updated content prior to each coaching session.  You will also receive unlimited e-mail access to me throughout our time working together and discounted rates on editing services.  Prior to getting started, you will be sent a Q&A to help determine your goals.  

To learn more about coaching services, or to see if you’d be a good fit for my coaching program, click here to schedule a complimentary consultation call.

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Writer’s Roadmap Group Coaching!

In conjunction with the publication of our Writer’s Roadmap Toolkit, we will begin our long-awaited group coaching program. In addition to receiving a copy of the workbook, you will also have access to training modules, our private resource center, and live weekly calls. Ready to join us? Want to hear more? Just sign up to the right and we’ll add you to our exclusive waiting list.

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Editing Services

Developmental Editing: This type of editing answers the "big picture" questions.  In addition to helping you determine the best methods for organizing and presenting your material, check for structural issues, theme, pacing, style, plot, character development and arcs, point of view, dialogue, narrative arcs, transitions, and so on.  

To learn more about our editorial services, or to chat about your project, click here to schedule a complimentary consultation call.