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IMPORTANT: Please Follow ALL 5 of These Steps Prior to Our Strategy Session Together…Otherwise Our Call May Be Cancelled

STEP #1: About Our Call & My Story


STEP #2: Let's Connect!

Join my Facebook page, Turn the Page Book Coaching & Editorial, to connect with you and other talented writers and book lovers who are working to make their publishing dreams realities!  Click here to join the fun!


STEP #3: How to Develop an Unshakeable Author Mindset

Watch this video before our call so you can have a more effective personal strategy session.  It will you exactly how to create an unshakeable mindset so you can succeed in writing and publishing your book.


STEP #4: 3 Writing Strategies to Get Your Book Written

Watch this video before our call so you can have a more impactful personal strategy session.  It will help increase your awareness of how you may be unconsciously sabotaging your book’s chances for publication.


Here's What Clients Are Saying:

I was skeptical about working with a book coach, but Megan won me over from our very first call together. Her enthusiasm and dedication is infectious. She boosted my confidence in myself and my writing so much.
— Deborah K., Author
After working with Megan on so many projects, I consider her a friend. I have recommended her to so many friends and colleagues and they all been very happy, too!
— Claire D., Author
“I recently published my first book, and couldn’t have done it without Megan.”
— Simon J., Author
“I wish I had found Megan so much earlier in my writing career!”
— Doug Z., Author
Quite simply, Megan and Turn the Page are the best.
— Arthur M., Author

STEP #5:

Once you’ve gone through the pre-call assignments of steps 1-4, fill out this brief form to let me know you have completed them and I’ll send you 12 author mantras to get you writing!

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